loanDepot, one of the nation’s largest non-bank retail mortgage lenders, helps customers achieve the American dream of homeownership through a broad suite of lending and real estate services. CAA and Promosis developed a custom, interactive bingo card web app named Ballpark Bingo - a Celebration of Firsts.

The game accomplished three goals

  1. Cement its standing as the Official Mortgage Provider of Major League Baseball with a baseball-themed bingo card. From April to September, players “stamped” their card’s square when a corresponding first occurred in the league, such as a pitcher throwing the season’s first no-hitter.
  2. Attract first time home buyers by extending special mortgage offers to qualifying players
  3. Gain positive customer marketing opt-ins by providing participants the option to receive marketing emails right in the bingo card enrollment form.

How the game worked

  • Players “stamped” their card’s square when a corresponding first occurred in the league, such as a pitcher throwing the season’s first no hitter.
  • Any player who created a bingo card was eligible to win e-gift cards
  • Completed bingo rows earned participants entries for to win the Grand Prize - a chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the first game of both the American and National League Championship Series

Check out some screenshots from the game!

Ballpark Bingo
Create Your Bingo Card
Ballpark Bingo
My Bingo Card
Ballpark Bingo
You’ve got a BALLPARK BINGO!!

We provided the following services:

Consultation and Advice

Legal considerations, game development, user experience, copy, creative, game directions, FAQ and more.

Program Administration

Indemnification, obtain and file sweepstakes surety bonds, official rules and disclaimers, submit winners list and file for bond release, personalized customer service to participants via email.

Digital Services

Design, develop and host the responsive site, including custom bingo card web app, OTU code verification via SMS, personalized player accounts with SMS sign-on, securely transfer marketing opt-in entries to loanDepot, secure online prizewinner portal for clearing winners, client dashboard displaying up-to-the-second relevant promotion statistics.

Prize Fulfillment

Fulfill e-gift cards via personalized email, personalized travel coordination and fulfillment for grand prize winner and guest to MLB playoff games.

Stand-out Stat

71% of players agreed to receive marketing communications from loanDepot!