promotion sweepstakes – or game of chance – is an efficient method to motivate your target audience to take a specific action.

Unlike a promotion contest of skill, a sweepstakes is a game of chance in which winners are randomly selected.  The absence of skill in a promotion sweepstakes makes this type of promotion one of the most widely adopted form of motivational marketing – behind only a discounted price promotion.  Unlike price promotions, however, a creative, strategic sweepstakes can strengthen your brand while boosting sales.

Promotion sweepstakes must meet numerous local, state, and Federal regulations.  To comply with these statutes, the promotion call to action needs to be carefully phrased.  Specific disclaimer copy must also accompany sweepstakes-related websites, emails, social media posts, etc.  A thorough, clearly-written Official Rules document is also required for any promotion sweepstakes, regardless of whether the prize is a $10 e-gift code or a $250,000 vacation home.

We invite you to see our Promotion Sweepstakes Management tips learn more about sweepstakes details, such as what “consideration” means, when surety bonds may be needed, and more

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