Promosis has been providing NY Sweepstakes Administration services for over 25 years.

One of the core services we provide to our clients – Sweepstakes Administration –  ensures their sweepstakes are effective, logical, and legal, whether the promotion is running in New York, another state or the entire US.

NY Sweepstakes Administration Services include the following:

  • Write Official Rules (often referred to as Terms & Conditions) to ensure the campaign is properly developed, clearly communicated to and understood by all participants, and legally compliant
  • Review of all materials, copy and layout provided by the client or its Agency (including, but not limited to presentation decks, web, email, and print collateral) for maximum effectiveness and technical accuracy, and provide all necessary disclaimer and disclosure statements relevant to the pieces intended to be published
  • Determine winners and alternates in accordance with the Official Rules
  • Notify the preliminary sweepstakes winners
  • Utilize our online Prizewinner Portal™ to efficiently and securely:
    • Provide and collect Affidavits of Eligibility to winners of significant-value prizes
    • Obtain prize fulfillment details
    • Provide and collect Publicity/Liability of release to winners
  • Issue an IRS FORM 1099-MISC to prize winners for the tax year that the prize was received (if the prize is valued over $600)
  • Provide to Client the completed Publicity/Liability releases once they have been received by the Vendor
  • Submit a verified sweepstakes winners list when and where required
  • Indemnify the client against potential legal issues caused by Promosis error or oversight

Of course, you’re not limited to run your sweepstakes in only New York – a typical US sweepstakes may include all US States.

New York Sweepstakes Bonds and Filing

In some cases, New York requires promotion sponsors to obtain sweepstakes surety bonds and file the sweepstakes with the Department of State.  Promosis efficiently and professionally manage all aspects of this process.