Promosis collaborated with The Big Spaceship agency to develop, administer, and manage this mobile messaging promotion. The program offered Starbucks customers a choice of positive themes, and then followed up that selection with a short affirming message for four mornings. The messages also included links to a Starbucks-specific Headspace communication and offers to both delight their customers and motivate use and adoption of the Starbucks mobile app and Rewards program.


Starbucks announces the promotion to its tens of millions of followers via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  When a follower clicked the image from a mobile device it automatically opened the device’s messaging app and pre-populated the recipient phone number to the campaign short code.


Once opted-in, participants chose to receive messages from four options: Peace, Growth, Relationships, Gratitude.  After an initial message, our platform would send a single message for four consecutive days.  Message content included animated gifs, static backgrounds, music and even a special offer to the self-care site Headspace.


The final message contained a unique link that, when clicked, awarded the participant Starbucks Rewards stars good for one free drink.  To redeem the stars participants only needed to have - or create - a free Starbucks Rewards account.


Promotion participants could also visit a unique web page at which they could send Reward stars to friends and family via text message or email.