Introducing READYsweeps™

Creating and building for you.

Introducing the first of a suite of motivational-marketing platform services from Promosis – READYsweeps™!

Drawing from our decades of experience, our new READYsweeps blends our long-standing approach of developing promotions that meet your specific needs with a quick-to-launch web-based sweepstakes platform. Equipped with white-label technology, every READYsweeps promotion may be customized to reflect your individual company’s identity, tone, values, goals, and audience.

To experience our new service, simply visit our READYsweeps Launch sweepstakes site. Once there, we invite you to share a quick story – just a sentence or two – about someone you know who recently demonstrated a small act of service or aid. We’ll randomly select a winner who will receive a $100 Visa prepaid Gift Card. And, if we select the person you nominated, you’ll also receive a $100 matching gift card!

If you’d like to discuss if READYsweeps is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here for you.

Harry & Peter
Harry & Peter