Need a last-minute sweepstakes to delight your customers?

MullenLowe – an innovative media agency – needed assistance with launching a promotion for their client, JetBlue. The specific challenge: Administer, design, and code an online sweepstakes – in five days.

Within that aggressive time frame, we:

  • Consulted with MullenLowe on how to best structure the promotion mechanics
  • Wrote the Official Rules, obtained surety bonds, and filed the promotion in both New York and Florida
  • Designed and developed a mobile-first, responsive web site

JetBlue social media posts had announced the start time of the promotion in advance, so thousands of followers were ready to enter when it opened. Our auto-scaling web servers and database architecture handled the influx of traffic with ease, ensuring a positive user experience for JetBlue’s customers. Check it out now!

Sweepstakes are a great tool for delighting your customers. If you need to launch one in five days or five months, we can help. Give us a call at 781-639-1937 or drop us a note.