A promotion contest – or contest of skill – is a valuable tool we use to motivate qualified engagement with a promotion. The greater engagement and time commitment required by a promotion contest to compete is, by nature, a barrier to entry.  While a skill contest typically generates 10% of the number of entries that a sweepstakes receives, the quality of entries is significantly higher in value.

In a skill contest, randomness in determining the winner – like in a promotion sweepstakes – is removed in favor of entries judged based on clearly demonstrable skill. The contest’s Official Rules must provide the entrants with a set of judging criteria that will be used by each judge to judge each entry. Judging criteria is required because the definition and method of measuring the skill intended for the skill contest must be known to entrants in advance. Judging criteria also ensure the Sponsor and Independent Judging Organization selects winning entries based on a measurable score — not whim.

Many states – not to mention Canadian provinces – have their own statutes and regulations governing skill contests, and these have become more strict over the last decade.

We invite you to see our Skill Contest Promotion Tips for additional promotion contest details.

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