An SMS marketing campaign can be an effective standalone promotion or complement a social or web-based promotion.

All text messaging promotion recipients must actively opt-in.  As a result, these campaigns:

  • Boast a 98% read rate
  • Motivate a click-thru rate of nearly 30%
  • 90% are opened within three minutes of receipt
  • Have greater exposure than social media campaigns
  • Demonstrate a far better open rate compared to email
  • Encourage multiple personal interactions during the promotion period
  • Can include animations, vcards, music and coupons
  • Support sweepstakes and skill contests with entry confirmation messages, bounceback offers and more

Promosis has sent and received millions of text messages.  We can provide everything you need for SMS marketing campaigns, including:

  • Advice on promotion strategy, mechanics, user flow, data logistics, and execution
  • Program application and submission to mobile carriers
  • Vanity short code acquisition and implementation
  • Plan, set up and implement program logic
  • Integrate text services API
  • Design and develop a backend application to manage all service subscriptions, optin/optout functionality, categorization, daily content management and tracking for each subscriber
  • Review, test, and debug program prior to Launch
  • Monitor promotion throughout program
  • Provide a secure client portal to access program data reports
  • Customer support via HELP message
  • And much, much more!

For 25 years, Promosis has helped clients develop promotions that motivate our clients target audience; contact us to see if we might be a fit for your next promotion.