Promosis Promotion Devilish Details #7: Social Media Sweeps Stumbling Blocks

You may already know that social media-based sweepstakes will improve engagement with your followers, but keep the following five points in mind when planning your next social promotion:

  1. Complete These 19 Steps to Enter: Asking your social audience to do too much to enter the sweepstakes will tamp down participation rates. Keep it simple and motivate followers to enter by simply uploading an original image, replying to a sweeps-specific post or including a sweeps-specific hashtag in a personal post.
  2. Think Beyond the Sweepstakes: A sweepstakes isn’t the only promotion marketing tool; a skill contest is an excellent way to interact with higher-quality participants and leads due to the greater level of commitment required to enter. Bonus – surety bonds and filing fees can typically be avoided!
  3. Wait – What Can I Win? Social media is all about speed; if your followers don’t quickly understand your prize structure they’ll immediately scroll to the next post. Keep your prize structure clear, simple and ensure it’s desirable to your target audience.
  4. Winner Communication is a PITA! Communicating with preliminary winners via social posts and DMs can be frustrating and time consuming. Allow for extra time after the sweepstakes concludes to notify and clear official winners and make it clear to entrants how they need to set their profile settings. Promosis has developed two specific methods to help make this process easier and more efficient :-).
  5. Where’s the Data? We recommend a hybrid promotion approach that combines social media and a promotion microsite to deepen your relationship with your target audience, collect vital contact information such as email address and mobile number and improve remarketing efforts such as email and SMS messages.

If you’d like to discuss how to create, develop, administer, and fulfill a motivating social media promotion campaign, please don’t hesitate to reach out or reply to this email – we’re here to help.