Promotion Devilish Details #1: TikTok

You may already know the benefits of conducting a sweepstakes or skill contest on TikTok – the world’s most downloaded app. You might not know these five important details:

1. CTA: The call to action needs to be simple and clear. Entries must be established by interacting with the post and or hashtagging in a specific way.

2. Launch Video: The promotion launch video should contain a specific disclaimer and link to the complete official rules.

3. Messaging Preferences: Entrants need to have their messaging preferences set in a certain way or they cannot be notified if they’re a preliminary winner.

4. Manual Winner Notification: The winner notification process cannot be automated; each preliminary winner needs to be individually messaged by a human.

5. Entry Quality: Instructing entrants to post or comment to earn an entry may result in lower entry quality and runs the risk of participants posting off-brand content. An alternative is to create a promotion video that directs entrants to a dedicated microsite that provides a more immersive experience and gives the promotion sponsor greater control over posted content.

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