Promotion Devilish Details #2: What’s an AMOE?

You may already know the abbreviation “AMOE” stands for “Alternate Means Of Entry”. You might not know these four important details:

1) An AMOE May Require the Purchase of a Postage Stamp: It’s OK to require sweepstakes entrants mail a letter or postcard. However, entrants do so at their own peril – just last week we received an AMOE mailed in 1999!

2) You Can Motivate a Purchase: It’s totally cool to motivate your audience to make a purchase in exchange for an entry. It’s not cool to omit an AMOE in the sweepstakes official rules and disclaimers.

3) Sometimes You Need an AMOE Even When Not Motivating a Purchase: Some states view requiring an in-store visit or actions of effort as “consideration”, which means you need to include an AMOE for these state residents, only.

4) Requiring a Free Enrollment For Entry Doesn’t Necessitate an AMOE: It’s true; requiring entrants to enroll in a no-cost rewards program is typically not viewed as consideration.

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